6 Month Mentoring

Let us create a development plan to fit your needs, and walk with you every step of the way. We are dedicated to enhancing your vision. For one full year we are consistently assisting you in transforming your dreams into a reality! Spending each month learning, creating, updating, and executing the plan.

Not only will you be able to see your growth once we're finished, you'll also clearly understand the steps needed to achieve your goals for every other moment in life as well.

Sign up today to start the journey to enhancing your vision! We'll be your accountability partner!

We cover:

  • Business- We cover weekly goals, sales production, generating leads, marketing, and promotions, creating legal documents and which ones to use for specific situations, covering the basic business checklist, social media and managing accounts, websites, content, customer services, your target audience, investing in your business, business/brand awareness, organic following, ads, partnerships, vendors, donors, administration, and so much more!
  • Talk Shows & Podcasts- We cover finding your target audience and keep them engaged, how to monetize your podcast and/or turn it into a business, which ad to place in your segments and where, how to structure segments and episodes, how to create a syllabus, how and where to create content, how to use social media as an asset, how to create brand awareness, how to land possible collaborations, interviews, promotions, and sponsors. how to balance audio and video and so much more!
  • Personal- Some of us could use an extra hand sometimes, we understand that things can be awesome, and they can also be ugly. Regardless, our professionals are ready to assist you in developing the specific life skills and motivation you need to move forward with your plans. We'll assist you in enhancing the greatness that's already in you. From our activities, to daily inspiration, and communication you'll always be making progress and checking off steps in your development plan. Let us stand by your side in your time of need!


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