Seat Time


We provided an alloted time frame for all members to join us on our talkshow/podcast to promote your business and/or talents. Your time is your time, there will be no interruptions, commercials, breaks, or other speakers taking away any of your seat time. All participants have the option to be interiewed if they do not want to take over the show for the time being. Rehersals are reccomended but optional. You also have the option of submitting your own video/voice recording without coming to our studio!

This seat time comes with 2 free weeks of advertisement on our website, social media platforms and mentioned on any upcoming episodes that week.


  1. Talkshow: {Believe In Yourself Unloaded} You will be able to promote or speak about anything within our community guidlines which will be discussed prior to you confirming your seat time as well as any other important notices benecifial to you.
  2. Podcast: Our podcast only consists of positive messages, information, and resources. Our platform doesn't promote any vulgar activies or messages.  
30 Minutes


Your email will be sent immeditely. Please allow up to 48 hours for our team to review your message, assess your needs, and get back with you. 

*Please include your first and last name*

Thank you, have an amazing day!

Customer Support 


Please include all necessary information required for us to make a decision or come to a conclusion for you with our first response, in a timely manner.