Talk Show Launch

Are you interested in starting a Talk Show?

Most people have no idea where they should be starting. All they know is that they've found an interest in creating a show and of course the goal is to gain supporters and an amazing audience who is just as interested as you.

No matter what your reason is for starting, you need a clear development plan. Your show is your business, your child, and your income. If you treat it as such, you'll take better care of it, and make sure everything is properly set up for the future.

We will help you establish all of the basics like:

  • Your shows name
  • Theme
  • Brand colors
  • Founding platform
  • Segments
  • Episodes
  • Seasons
  • Marketing strategy
  • Set up social media accounts
  • Create content

*Development Plan Included*

Learn how to: 

  • Find and grow your target audience.
  • Keep your audience engaged and excited. 
  • Connect and relate to your audience.
  • Giveback and reward everyone for listening. 
  • Monetize your podcast. 
  • Create a syllabus. 
  • Plan your episodes and segments. 
  • Grow your show's social media platform (following and interactions)
  • Land possible collaborations, interviews, and promotions. 
  • Go from audio, to video or Youtube. 
  • Use social media as an asset. 
  • Turn your show into a business.
  • Adding ads in your show.  


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